Mean Girls (2024) Is it “Fetch” or Not?

Mean Girls (2024) is the new movie musical based on the broadway musical….which was based on the original 2004 smash hit from the mind of Tina Fey. Does this new musical reimagining for the Gen Z folks deserve to be etched into The Burn Book or is it worthy of being dubbed “SOOO FETCH”!

Time Codes

  • 00:00 : Intro
  • 01:18 : Our First Press Screening!
  • 02:02 : Mean Girls (2024) Makes Us Feel Old
  • 02:41 : Musical Movies
  • 03:59 : Musical Numbers & Acting
  • 05:39 : Brian & The Original Mean Girls Movie
  • 07:09 : Why The Musical Falls Flat
  • 09:40 : Who is this movie for?
  • 11:51 : How Chicago and Mean Girls Differ as Musical Movies
  • 13:18 : Angourie Rice is no LeLo
  • 14:23 : Regina George
  • 15:29 : Avantika & Jaquel Spivey- The Best Parts of The Movie
  • 16:55 : Final Thoughts
  • 19:00 : Follow Us!

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MAIN TITLE: “Red Alert” 

AUTHOR: Jack Waldenmaier

PUBLISHER: Music Bakery Publishing (BMI)

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