Thanksgiving Horror Classics – Episode 32

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This week, Brian, John, and Elaine provide you with some great post Thanksgiving food coma entertainment as we break down our Smorgasbord of Shit by reviewing 3 Thanksgiving themed horror movies.  For your appetizer, we will be serving up the very smart Thanksgiving fake trailer by Eli Roth as part of The Grindhouse Double Feature from 2007.  The main course will be the quintessential modern classic, Thankskilling….a movie that may make your eyes bleed during viewing.  And to cleanse your palate, our dessert will be the 1981 slogfest, Home Sweet Home; a film known for the oscar worthy performance by Body by Jake himself, Jake Steinfeld.  So take a break from the Black Friday pillaging for blu ray players and gear up for our Thanksgiving Special!

Movie News!

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Thanksgiving Horror Classics

Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving (2007)
  • Part of The Grindhouse series of fake trailers during the double feature in 2007.
  • Brilliantly satirizes 1980 knock off slasher films.
  • At one time was approached for development into a feature film.
  • Over the top gore including vaginal impalment, decapitation, and cooking a human like a turkey complete with dressing.
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Thankskilling (2009)
  • Oh boy….This movie.
  • The main plot deals with a demonic talking killer turkey created by a native american shaman that is awakened by a dog pissing on a native american totem that goes around killing white people, including a group of dumbass teenagers.
  • Thankskilling is chock full of B movie tropes
    • Titties (literally, the first shot in the movie is a pilgrim boob).
    • Terrible Dialogue/Acting
    • Half assed special effects
    • Thin Plot
    • Plot holes that make this movie look like swiss cheese.
  • Does have the “B movie” charm but lacks any level of subtlety or satire.
  • This film may make your eyes bleed upon viewing.
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Home Sweet Home (1981)
  • While Thankskilling was simply bad…Home Sweet Home is just plain boring.
  • The plot revolves around an escaped mental patient, played by Body by Jake’s own Jake Steinfeld, who goes on a PCP fueled killing spree of a group of friends/family (it never really is established) gathering at a local ranch for Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • The biggest fault of this film, besides being a very bad film in terms of plot and acting, is just how gad damn slow the movie is.  Unlike traditional slasher films which suffer from scene after scene of murder, Home Sweet Home, drags on and on with pointless scenes of dialogue without building any kind of reason for caring about the characters.
  • Jake Steinfeld’s “killer” is laughable…literally.
  • The most ridiculous character in the film is without a doubt, Mistake Bradley, a rock and roll obsessed mime that bounces around causing chaos all the while wearing an amplifier backpack and a guitar.
    • There is no real reason for Mistake Bradley to be in the film….other than to remind you how much of a “mistake” it was to watch this film.
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Thankskilling (2009) Trailer

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