Bad Santa 2 (2016) – Movie Review – Episode 33

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This week, Brian, John, and Elaine begin decking their halls for the holiday season.  What better way to celebrate the warm and fuzzy feelings of Christmas than by diving into Bad Santa 2,  the brand new sequel to one of the most offensive, vulgar, and roll on the floor funny holiday films.  Billy Bob Thornton is back as dirty curmudgeon with a heart of gold in this sequel 13 years in the making.  So does the sequel hold up? Or does this film suffer from the usual retread and lackluster plot as other sequels based on “nostalgia” have in the past year.  So polish up your jingle bells and gulp down your egg nog, as we explore Bad Santa 2.

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Movie News

Rogue One Crushes Fandango Early Ticket Sales –  Highest 1st Day Sales of 2016

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Bad Santa 2 (2016)

Original- Bad Santa (2003)
  • One of the first “gross out adult comedies”.
  • Pre dates Superbad, Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin and other adult themed comedies.
  • A very clever film about a terrible poor excuse for a human being who is able to care about someone other than himself.
  • The original has a non sappy-happy ending that closes the film well.
  • So why make a sequel….
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The Sequel
  • Ugh….
  • The sequel picks up 13 years later and basically throws away the entire conclusion of the first film within the first 5 mins.
    • Willie loses the girl and is again a horrible human being, just now trying to kill himself with an electric oven.
    • Thermin (now 21) is back but where his wide eyed wonderment was an adorable foil in the first film, it comes off as bizarre and creepy in the sequel.
  • The plot is a rehash of the original.
    • Literally, its the same movie.  Willie and Marcus join up with Willie’s hammed up mother to rob from the owner of a children’s charity who is also stealing from the charity.
    • See, it isn’t really stealing from kids if you are stealing from the thief who initially is stealing from kids.
Notable Differences
  • All the smart yet vulgar humor you enjoyed from the first film has been removed and replaced with just straight up vulgar humor.
  • There is little to no real character development or reason to care what happens to the characters.
    • We get a glimpse at a type of reconciliation with Willie and his mother but that gets thrown out the window in the final act.
  • The adult themed humor seems mild in comparison to other “gross out” comedies.
Half Decent Parts
  • Billy Bob Thorton knows how to work a scene.  He does offer a genuine feeling of warmth in scenes where cracks develop in his tough and gritty exterior.

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Bad Santa 2 (2016) Trailer

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