Trick or Treat (1986) – Movie Review – Episode 28

To close out our month long celebration of all things Halloween, we are giving you the ultimate treat or trick with a Halloween themed entry into our Pantheon of Utter Shit.  This time around we induct the 1986 heavy metal classic, Trick or Treat.  This is not to be confused with the very, very, very good Michael Dougherty film from 2007 titled Trick ‘r Treat.  No, this film is pretty much an example of what can go wrong when you combine hair band heavy metal and horror with a dash of 80’s cheese thrown on top.  So settle in as you’re checking your candy for razor blades and poison as we dive into Trick or Treat.

Movie News!

British Production Company Fined $2.7 million for Harrison Ford Star Wars Injury

Trick or Treat (1986)

Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat (1986)
The Story
  • Film revolves around Eddie AKA Ragman who is a typical 80’s high school misfit who is obsessed with hair band heavy metal, chased by very violent 80’s preppy bullies, and pines over the out of his league girl.
  • His Idol is the “rock warrior” Sammi Curr who Eddie has a bit of an obsession with.
  • Eddie finds out that Sammi has died in a hotel fire which crushes him.
  • Eddie receives a acetate record from his disc jockey friend, Nuke, played by Gene Simmons, which is the last and only copy of Sammi Curr’s final album.
  • The record starts talking to Eddie when played in reverse at first helping him deal with the bullies, but then taking a murderous turn by threatening Eddie’s mom and nearly killing a girl (smoke rape and ear melting).
  • Sammi is revived out of the record and goes on a rampage killing people with his electrical powers.
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Meh things
  • Sammi is kinda a poor man’s Freddy Krueger combined with Livewire from DC Comics.
    • Minus the awesome Robert Englund jokes
  • Sammi kills people in the most comically goofy ways
    • Possesses a car via a tape
    • Kills “Large Marge” by ripping her out of a TV
    • Swipes at Ozzy Osbourne on TV killing him
    • The bully, Tim, gets his head blown off.
    • Cops get blown up leaving only their boots.
    • Quick question, what do the people in the TV station think is going on when Sammi kills these people via tv?
  • Never stated but surmised, Sammi only exists in copies of the original acetate record.
  • Worst lip sync performance ever.
  • Apparently, water can deter Sammi since he is made of electricity.
    • Sammi gets trapped in a toilet……SO WHY FLUSH THE TOILET, WOULDN’T THAT GET RID OF THE WATER!!
Final Thoughts
  • When you spend all your money on Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, and rotoscoped lightning there won’t be any money left for visual effects other than puffs of smoke and dry ice.
  • Never meet your heroes…..cause they could turn out to be demons made of electricity.
  • No reason for this movie to be named Trick or Treat.  Should just be called “Death Metal” or the german title “DAS RAGMAN!”
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Trick or Treat (1986) Trailer

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