2016 Summer Movie Preview – Episode 12

Grab your sunscreen and beach blanket; Brian, John, and Elaine give you an overview of some of the potential stinkers and gems from the tentpoles of the summer blockbuster season.  

Movie News!

  • No movie news this week.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Release Date: June 3rd













Key Points

  • Good Points 
    • Playing major fan service with the inclusion of classic Turtles characters: Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang from Dimension X.
    • That’s honestly the only half decent parts
  • “Meh” Points
    • It’s a sequel to a movie nobody wanted
    • More Michael Bay CGI fuckery with weird ass looking Turtles.
    • More pandering to the nostalgia of Turtles past.
    • Casey Jones is now a pretty boy played by Stephen Amell (still awesome as Green Arrow) rather than a crazy street person played by Elias Koteas.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Release Date: June 24th

id4 resurgence

 Key Points

  • Good Points 
    • Finally delivering on a sequel to an amazing film after 20 years.
    • Original cast is mostly back except for good point #3
    • No Will Smith–“He’s dead Jim”.
  • “Meh” Points
    • Prepare for CGI overload as the “present” in the ID4 universe is a weird hybrid between our world and Blade Runner.
    • How is Brent Spiner alive in the movie when his character (Dr. Okum) was killed off in the first movie.
    • Won’t a computer virus just kill off the aliens again or have they finally upgraded their AVG Anti- Virus Software from the demo version.
    • Liam Hemsworth…..yup that’s a meh point right there.


Release Date: July 15th












Key Points

  • Good Points 
    • There are none.
  • SIN Points
    • This is the biggest example of the reboot that no one wanted.  Where do you start in trying to explain how horrible this shit bomb truly will be.
    • Biggest Sin– putting fantastic comedic actors like Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy in a bastardized version of one of the best comedies ever made.
    • Sin 2– Director, Paul Feig feeding the misguided flames of uber feminists continual bullying of anyone who happens to think that this movie sucks.
      •  Having an affection for the original 1984 film and seeing, based on trailers, how completely fucked up the film franchise you love has become DOES NOT make you a bigot or a misogynist and to push that narrative weakens the argument against real bigotry and misogyny by trivializing it
    • Sin 3– The ghost effects look like Scooby Doo rip offs.
      • The original Ghostbusters had ghosts that were made using practical effects and stop motion that looked truly terrifying.  These new ghosts look like something out of a Joel Schumacher Batman movie.
    • Sin 4- Moving forward with this movie shortly after Harold Ramis passes away after he tried for 20 years to get a sequel made.

Suicide Squad

Release Date: August 5th












Key Points

  • Good Points 
    • Margot Robbie definitely channels the madness of Harley Quinn
    • Trailer seems to mix the dark depressing nature of Batman v Superman with comedic elements.
  • “Meh” Points
    • Will this movie be too dark?
    • Will Jared Leto’s joker jump the proverbial shark and come across as ridiculous?
    • Will Smith is in this unfortunately.
    • Playing the Joker after Heath Ledger could be considered career suicide.  Is it impossible to follow up that performance?

Sausage Party

Release Date: August 11th














Key Points

  • Good Points 
    • Adult animation is always a good time.
    • The concept is very similar to  the Michael Bay classic, The Island–only with food.
    • Seth Rogen brings a fantastic cast to this film.
  • “Meh” Points
    • None.  Go see this movie.

Swiss Army Man

Release Date: June 24th












Key Points

  • Good Points 
    • This is the twisted version of Castaway with a farting corpse played by Daniel Radcliff.
    • Very bizarre and original story which is sorely lacking in Hollywood.
  • “Meh” Points
    • None.  Go see this movie.


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