Nightmare: Return to Elm Street – 3 Part Fan Film Trailer Released

At The Cinema Psychos Show, we love fan films.  Regardless of the copyright infringement (suck it Disney) we love seeing other filmmaker’s interpretation of popular characters and seeing how they can even improve on the story sometimes with even more skill than Hollywood can.

So you can see how delighted we were when filmmaker, Domonic Smith contacted us about a new fan film trailer that he is releasing in 3 parts over at  A fan film that does exactly what Hollywood couldn’t do for Nightmare on Elm Street back in 2010….return Freddy to his roots in a masterful way.

Check out part 1 below.  Part 2 of this trailer drops on November 23rd, just as the tryptophan from the Turkey you just ate sends you into Freddy’s world.  Part 3 will drop just in time for Xmas on December 25th.

You can find out more information about Nightmare: Return to Elm Street on facebook . 

Check out Domonic Smith – Facebook

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