M.Night Shyamalan Filmmaker Retrospective – Episode 130

If you didn’t get enough of our M.Night Shyamalan love fest from last week, well friends, we’ve got a twist for you!  This week we are breaking down the filmmaker’s rise, fall, and somewhat debatable rise and fall again from a filmmaker who was hailed as the next coming of Hitchcock but has yet to fulfill that promise.  So saddle up for a twist laden episode as we analyze the works of M.Night Shyamalan.

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As indie filmmakers, we can appreciate the value of a review of your work.  Film festivals, distribution companies, sales agents, etc. all look at reviews and press that a film can get when considering picking up a film.  If you are interested in submitting your indie film for review, contact us at the links below with a digital screener of your movie and we will do what we can to feature it on a future episode of The Cinema Psychos Show.

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