Death Becomes Her (1992) With Anastasia Elfman

This week, we are diving into the classic horror comedy film, Death Becomes Her. With special guest Anastasia Elfman, a multi-talented burlesque star, dancer, director, and actress, the podcast explores the groundbreaking nature of the movie and its enduring hilarity. Here are a few highlights from the episode.

The Renaissance Woman:

Anastasia Elfman, is a true renaissance woman. With her diverse talents as a dancer, burlesque performer, director, and actress, she brings a unique perspective to the discussion of Death Becomes Her. Her involvement in the film industry, including her latest project Bloody Bridget, showcases her creativity and passion for the craft

Death Becomes Her:

A Forgotten Gem Despite featuring an all-star cast including Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, and Bruce Willis, Death Becomes Her has somewhat fallen through the cracks of cinematic recognition. This black comedy, directed by Robert Zemeckis, combines elements of horror and comedy to create a truly unique viewing experience. Anastasia Elfman expresses her surprise at the film’s under appreciated status, given its talented cast and Zemeckis’ directorial prowess.

The Magic of Practical Effects

One of the standout aspects of Death Becomes Her is its pioneering use of special effects. In an era before CGI dominated the industry, the film utilized a combination of practical effects and digital enhancements to create its iconic visuals. Anastasia Elfman highlights the importance of practical effects in capturing the magic of the film, emphasizing the skill and artistry involved in bringing these effects to life.

The Dark Comedy and Cynicism of the ’90s

Death Becomes Her embodies the dark comedy and cynicism prevalent in ’90s cinema. The film satirizes societal expectations of beauty and aging, exploring themes of greed, lust, and the pursuit of eternal youth. Anastasia Elfman discusses the film’s cynicism and its reflection of the era, where women were often portrayed as vapid and their worth tied to their relationships with men.

The Legacy of Death Becomes Her

Despite its initial under appreciation, Death Becomes Her has gained a cult following over the years. Its blend of comedy, horror, and groundbreaking special effects continues to captivate audiences. Anastasia Elfman expresses her admiration for the film’s craftsmanship, from the performances to the sets and lighting. She emphasizes the need for more original and diverse cinema, highlighting the importance of supporting genre films.

Death Becomes Her remains a hidden gem in the realm of horror comedy, with its innovative use of practical effects and dark humor. Anastasia Elfman’s insights as a guest on The Cinema Psycho Show podcast shed light on the film’s enduring appeal and its place in cinematic history. As audiences continue to discover and appreciate this cult classic, it serves as a reminder of the magic that can be achieved through a perfect blend of comedy, horror, and exceptional filmmaking.


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