The Cinema Psychos Show Joins The Epicast Network!

We are proud to announce that The Cinema Psychos Show has joined The Epicast Network; an amazing Pittsburgh-based podcast network that is known for being the home of Drinking Partners, voted best Podcast in the City 2016 by the Pittsburgh City Paper Readers Poll.  Epicast is also home to fellow movie podcasts, Does This Hold Up and You Can’t Handle The Truth.

John, Elaine, and myself are very excited for this next chapter in the evolution of the podcast.  We look forward to working with The Epicast Family and growing the show to new heights.  I also want to take this opportunity to thank you, the listener, for your continued support of The Cinema Psychos Show.  We honestly do this show for fun and the gratification of seeing your reviews, comments, and downloads are truly what drives us.

–Brian Cottington

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Check out us and Epicast’s cavalcade of podcast stars at  .

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Check out our Facebook Live Announcement Video below.

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