CarousHELL (2016) – Movie Review – Episode 62

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This week, Brian, John, and Laine are taking a local stroll down to the newest entry into the comedic horror slasher genre with friend of the show, Steve Rudzinski’s newest film, CarousHELL.  A movie that asks the question, what if inanimate objects are tired of our shit?  This is the story of Duke, a homicidal carousel unicorn that has had enough and is out for blood; sweet, sweet blood.  We examine throwback to 80’s slasher films and ask some of the real hard hitting questions.  Like what is the allure of my little uni (unicorn/pony) and the rise of “bronies”.  Also, will Pizza Boy Joe in the film ever get his $42.39?  These questions and more as we take a trip to CarousHELL.

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Check out CarousHELL and Silver Spotlight Films at silverspotlightfilms.com

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Calling all Indie filmmakers!  We Want Your Movies!

As indie filmmakers, we can appreciate the value of a review of your work.  Film festivals, distribution companies, sales agents, etc. all look at reviews and press that a film can get when considering picking up a film.  If you are interested in submitting your indie film for review, contact us at the links below with a digital screener of your movie and we will do what we can to feature it on a future episode of The Cinema Psychos Show.

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