Top 3 Christmas Horror Movies – Episode 34

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Have you been nice or naughty this year?  This week, Brian, John, and Elaine are definitely on the naughty list as they serve up a heaping helping of holiday cheer with our top three picks to get you and your homicidal maniac brother into the holiday spirit.  First in our yuletide tour, we look at the 1974 pre slasher classic, Black Christmas.  Then we will be taking our one horse open “slay” down to 1984’s Silent Night, Deadly Night.  And to round out the top three, the Xmas neo nazi classic starring Grizzly Adams himself; 1989’s Elves.  So pour a tall glass of egg nog and sharpen your murdering axe, we got a jam packed holiday show for you.

Movie News!

Live- Action Pokemon Movie Finds It’s Director.

Christmas Horror Classics

Black Christmas (1974)
  • Canadian Psycho-Slasher film that predates John Carpenter’s Halloween which is believed by many to be the first “Slasher” film.
  • Notable for starring Margot Kidder (Pre-Superman) and perennial movie police detective, John Saxon.
  • Plot revolves around an unseen and unknown killer who terrorizes and murders sorority sisters in their house during Christmas.
  • Notable for building great tension by using POV shots of the killer and misdirection.
  • Visual effects are fairly graphic with eye gouging, asphyxiation, and stabbing by unicorn horn (seriously!)
  • Also notable for using abortion as a plot device which, for it’s time, was extremely controversial and rarely used in film.
  • Remade in 2006….No surprise here but it sucked.
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Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

  • The plot revolves around a little boy named Billy who, along with his younger brother Ricky, witness the murder and attempted rape of their mother and father at the hands of a crazed thief dressed in a Santa outfit.
  • Years later after growing up in an orphanage run by the sadistic Mother Superior, Billy develops a psychosis over the murder and especially with Santa Claus.  While working at a toy store during Christmas, Billy is asked to wear a Santa suit that sets off his madness and causes him to go on a murder spree killing anyone who he deems is “Naughty”; starting with his boss and co workers.
  • Notable for being one of the most controversial films of the 1980’s.
    • Made enemies of the PTA, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, Leonard Maltin
    • Pulled from wide release after a week in theaters due to the backlash.
  • Surprisingly, the film made more money in it’s opening weekend than A Nightmare on Elm Street which was released the same day.  The argument could be made that had the film not been pulled it very well could have overshadowed A Nightmare on Elm Street and changed the course of horror movie history.
  • Also notable for being one of the first films for Scream Queen, Linnea Quigley; featuring the now iconic death by deer horn impalment.
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Elves (1989)

  • Oh this movie is a stinker…..
  • This film is the result of combining nazis, incest, demons, and Christmas into one cluster fuck of a film with a Grizzly Adams cherry on top.
  • First of all, the movie is called Elves but only features 1 ELF!!
  • The plot is a convoluted mess and is kinda a mixture of a teenage slasher with some paranormal demon shit….oh and NAZIS.
  • Deals with a group of teens performing an “anti christmas” pagan ritual who unknowingly awaken a demonic elf that also is central to a Neo Nazi plot to create a master race of half elf/half human hybrids.
    • There’s a bit of icky incest thrown in there when you find out that the main character, Kristen, is the last pure blood aryan as her “reformed” Nazi grandfather is also her father…..yup this movie went there.
    • Kristen is ultimately necessary for the Neo Nazi’s to start their Elf/Human hybrid.
  • Oh yea and Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty) plays the mall cop/janitor/squatter/former detective who basically is just there for exposition and star power.
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Elves (1989) Trailer

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