Johnny Daggers of Blood on the Reel – Interview – Episode 14

We take a break from the summer movie review grind and sit down with filmmaker, model, author, and friend; Johnny Daggers of DaggerVision Films.  Johnny talks about his new film Blood on the Reel, a peek into the trials and tribulations of independent horror filmmakers.  Johnny also gives us insight into his own personal filmmaking journey and where he sees it heading with feature films and a new novel.  

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Johnny Daggers Interview

blood on the reel
Blood on the Reel (2016)
Daggervision Beginnings
  • Brian and Johnny go way back as they were partners in Daggervision Films during the early days.
  • The Cinema Psychos Show is what it is due to Daggervision Films Horror Talk Radio.
Blood on the Reel
  • The documentary shows what indie horror filmmakers have to go through to be successful.
  • Without technology the documentary wouldn’t exist.  Johnny directed interviews with filmmakers all over the world through skype.
  • The film is successful in making the audience empathize with the struggles and successes that indie filmmakers have to go through.
Follow your blood
  • Your passion will drive you to what you should do.  Johnny brought up a good point how after soul searching he found that filmmaking was in his blood.
  • New film similar to 1920’s German expressionist films like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu.
Too much product- Not enough eyeballs
  • Even with services like Amazon Video Direct, Vimeo, etc. it is still hard for indie filmmakers to get the distribution necessary to be successful.
  • Technology has made it easier to make a high quality film- iphones can shoot in 2k now.  But that is creating an influx of too many films.
Cats like to screw with podcast interviews
  • Another cat incident happened during the podcast recording.  This time it was Johnny’s cat that decided to jump outside in the middle of the interview.  Gotta love the kitties.

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Blood on the Reel – Trailer

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Check out Blood on the Reel available at amazon and other major retailers released through SGL Entertainment

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