Hitchcock’s Voyeur Fantasy – Rear Window (1954) – Episode 307

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Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 classic, Rear Window, is a voyeur’s fantasy about all the good that spying on your neighbors can bring…like solving a murder. Starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, Rear Window tells the story of a disabled photographer who turns to the lives of his neighbor’s in a small Greenich Village apartment complex as an escape from the monotony of his single bedroom apartment only to discover that one of his neighbors is a cold blooded killer; but could it be all in his head as a result of his own isolation? 


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  • 00:17 : Intro
  • 04:03 : Brian’s first viewing of Rear Window
  • 06:28 : Hitchcock is a Jerk and a Genius
  • 11:48 : Rear Window (1954) Synopsis
  • 12:44 : We are complicit in voyeurism
  • 13:42 : Miss Torso- Hitchcock’s eye candy
  • 15:39 : Rear Window Feels like a Play
  • 18:20 : Bad Reviews of Rear Window
  • 27:08 : It’s OK to Spy on Your Neighbors….as long as you catch them doing something illegal
  • 28:07 : Hitchcock’s Visual Style in Rear Window
  • 30:25 : The Opening Shot That Says EVERYTHING!
  • 37:35 : How many people do you know who clean their hacksaws at 3am
  • 42:53 : Could Hitchcock make a contemporary thriller?
  • 44:44 : The Ending of Rear Window is both Goofy and Great
  • 48:29 : Jimmy Stewart’s Falling VFX Suck
  • 49:29 : Thorwall is the dumbest killer ever
  • 52:45 : Female Representation in Rear Window….Or Lack Thereof
  • 58:13 : Hitchcock’s Cameo
  • 58:59 : What lessons can Rear Window teach modern filmmakers?
  • 01:04:37 : Outro

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