Psychos Nation – Our Monthly Newsletter

Introducing: Psychos Nation – Our Monthly Newsletter

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Yea, yea, I know, another newsletter.  Here’s the deal though, this newsletter is a newsletter for you all, the listeners and fans.  We pack a lot into our episodes but to be honest, there is only so much we can jam pack into an hour each week.  That is where we hope this newsletter can come in.  Aside from giving you all a recap of the month’s episodes and a sneak peek at what is to come; It can be an additional outlet for us to provide you all with more movie madness.

But we don’t want it to all be about what we think you would want to see pop up in your email once a month.  We want it to be about what you think you would want to read.  So we want to know.  Send us an email, drop us a facebook comment, or tweet us.  Let us know what sort of things you want included in the newsletter.  It can be anything (except for nudes of John).  Do you want our top 5 film picks for a certain genre or holiday? TV reviews? Or something else entirely.

So join our newsletter today and drop us a line on what you want to see!

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